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Compacted or not compacted?

Trash Taxi prices are based mostly on ‘compacted’ trash. Many other companies base their prices on ‘uncompacted’ trash.



Eg, A bookshelf maybe 0.75m as is

but only 0.25m3 once I compact it – a big saving!



Trash Taxi prices are total prices – nothing else to pay!

Before Compacting
After Compacting




Single seater – $35 ea

Single seater recliner $40 ea

2 seater (max 1.6m wide) $55 ea

3 seater (max 2.1m wide) $65 ea

Mattresses and Bases

(a base is regarded as a mattress)


Single $50 ea

Double and Queen $55 ea

King $65 ea

Latex $100 ea



Car $12-15 ea

Truck $40 ea



Min $20

Loose Trash – Per m3


First 1m3 – $100 per m3 (minimum price)

After that – $75 per m3

Pricing Examples

Example – 3.5m3 – $320-$360 – Before and After


Approx 2m3 – $160-$180

A very messy 5m3 – $400-450

Do’s and Don’ts.

Some piles of rubbish are easier to load than others

The neater the rubbish pile the easier it is to load and therefore probably cheaper for you

Please don’t fill bathtubs with rubble

It’s difficult to get out

Fridges with smelly stuff inside:

Please tape them up

We can go most places

On the Job – Tight Fit – No Problem

On the Job – Plenty of Room

Nothing ever goes wrong at Trash Taxi!