Options for rubbish removal

Use Trash Taxi

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Throw it over your neighbour's fence (this is joke)

You'll save some money but loose some friends.

Take it to the tip yourself

Tip - Becks Rd, Drysdale; Transfer station - Douro St, Nth Geelong.

Costs are $48/m3:

   Single axle trailer (heaped, min) $48.00; Tandem trailer (heaped, min) $96.00; plus petrol costs/time.

For further information visit: http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/ct/consult/article/item/8cb81bfe83a5e6e.aspx

Use a skip

There are some good skip companies around.

Most skip companies charge $55-$70/m3 depending on the size of the bin. Many don't take mattresses and tyres, etc, but if they do they charge extra for them. There is also a surplus charge if you go overweight.

Skips also have some disadvantages too:

- With skip bin hire you may have to get a permit and pay extra to put it on the road/nature-strip - no problem with Trash Taxi;

- Other people often put their stuff in your skip bin when you're not looking - no problem with Trash Taxi;

- It's hard to estimate exactly what size skip bin to hire – and if you only have 5m3 of rubbish you still have to pay for a 6m3 skip. With Trash Taxi I do the estimating for you - and you only pay for what I take;

- You have to load a skip yourself - with Trash Taxi I load it for you;

- It's hard to fit bulky items like couches and tables in a skip - with Trash Taxi I can fit them into my truck and only charge you for the exact volume